Amal Clooney, the famed human rights lawyer, attacked President Donald Trump for going after journalists and press freedoms in the United States.
Alabama Media Group newspapers devoted their Sunday editions to the voices of women because "a majority of men in the state legislature spoke for them."
One of the most significant lessons I learned growing up in a Christian household was that no matter what I do, God is looking out for me.
The group is suspending the membership of Goodloe Sutton's newspaper, after he wrote an editorial arguing it was “time for the Ku Klux Klan to night ride again."
The newspaper's headline, in Hebrew, is from the kaddish and means “May his great name grow exalted and sanctified.”
The Boston Globe has urged newspapers nationwide to publish editorials on Aug. 16 condemning Trump's anti-media rhetoric.
The layoffs come days after rumors of deep cuts at the storied tabloid.
The mayor of Annapolis said earlier this week that the president had rejected his initial request to honor the five newspaper employees killed.
Hundreds poured into Annapolis streets to honor dead after the nation's latest mass shooting.
"Today, we are speechless," the paper said, after the shooting in Annapolis, Maryland, that left five dead and two injured.
The paper's corporate overlords at Tronc have stood firmly opposed to unions in the past.
The Boston Globe gets head-spinning deportations, unfunded wall and trade war right.
The Sun, one of Britain's largest newspapers, made no apology for the offensive front-page display.
Mornings of fighting over sections of the paper are coming to an end.
A mysterious new management team appears to be quietly building a non-union network.
Timothy Parker was already a polarizing name before this week’s puzzle.
Media publisher Tronc, which owns the Los Angeles Times, assumed all of the paper’s operational and pension liabilities.