“We thought our country had changed. In fact, it didn’t," said the 79-year-old Buchenwald survivor to Newsweek.
Staffers' terrible week somehow ended even worse than it started.
Staffers suspect the firings may be retaliation for investigations into their own parent company.
Dayan Candappa, now on leave, was accused of pressuring a female subordinate for 10 months at Reuters.
The post included a photo of Martin Luther King Jr. in his casket.
"Why does every attempt at female empowerment and safety-seeking get equated with castrating or otherwise 'harming' men?"
Fingers are being pointed at Matt McAllester, the magazine’s recently departed global editor-in-chief.
The inside of a F-14 tomcat cockpit is not that much different than the workplace. And Carey Lohrenz would know. The country’s
You don’t hire generals to rein in a civilian leader, or at least you shouldn’t if you care to keep a semblance of democracy in America.
"I would have added past due bills on floor..."
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“Once again, Alabama law enforcement has failed to protect children.”