Newt Gingrich

"I’ve been comfortable just calling it a 'witch hunt' and a 'kangaroo court' and things like that,” the former House speaker said on Tuesday's episode.
The then-House speaker didn't think it was unconstitutional when he led the impeachment of Bill Clinton, Wallace said.
Newt Gingrich and Lou Dobbs' cry "coup d'etat" about the legitimate process unfolding against Donald Trump in the Ukraine whistleblower scandal.
The Democratic lawmaker fired back after the Republican former House speaker penned a scathing op-ed about her for Fox News.
One Twitter user suspected the former speaker of the House was taking classes at the "Giuliani School of Typing."
He also said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will likely become the chamber’s next speaker, putting the odds at “two out of three.”
The former House speaker compared the sexual misconduct allegations facing the Supreme Court nominee to the Salem witch trials.
The network's chief White House correspondent must not have appreciated Trump's comments.
The former House Speaker went straight to Ryan Zinke upon learning of an effort to display the statue on the National Mall.
Kids without enough money for lunch experience enough shame and self-doubt on their own.
"They are ... doing something that meets current demagogic needs," he told Fox News.
It is time for an urgent clarion call. Given the retrograde pits inhabited by our ruling politicians and the avaricious over