Newt Gingrich

The GOP former House speaker ranted on Fox News that the Biden administration is "attacking people of traditional values."
The former House speaker prattled about Joe Biden's "anti-white" policies that "despise America."
The Fox News contributor and host Laura Ingraham tried their clumsy best to dismiss video evidence against the ex-president in the impeachment trial.
The "Morning Joe" co-host spotlighted two particularly egregious segments on the widely watched conservative network.
The former House speaker wrote in a Washington Times op-ed that he won't accept Joe Biden as president.
After Newt Gingrich tried to spread a conspiracy theory about George Soros, multiple Fox News hosts shut him down, leading to an awkward silence.
This might be one of the most painful silences in the network's history.
Gingrich is urging America to take the threat seriously, but just weeks ago, he dismissed it as "much less" than the flu.
Pelosi is the only woman to hold the office of House Speaker, and the first speaker in 60 years to reclaim the gavel after losing it.
The MSNBC host issued a blunt reminder about how Gingrich hasn't always been against impeaching presidents over the holidays.