Newtown School Shooting

Remington, which made the gun used in the 2012 massacre, has received the disciplinary records, report cards and employment records of several victims.
Lucy Richards, 57, was given five months in federal prison for sending a series of cryptic threats.
Lucy Richards is accused of targeting the parent because she believes the 2012 massacre was a hoax.
Sandy Hook Promise released this video nearly 4 years after the Newtown shooting.
Several years ago after the Newtown massacre, when Adam Lanza took his rage out on a classroom defenseless students and teachers, I wrote a piece castigating a number of Democratic Senators who dug their heads into the sand and refused to close basic background check loopholes.
"We now belong to a lousy club. A lousy, stinking club where as a parent, for whatever reason, you have a child pre-decease you."
"You don't get beyond it but you learn how to put one foot in front of the other and, despite what you've gone through, find joys in other parts of your life."
She accused the Democratic presidential candidate of laughing about gun violence and having no compassion for victims.
Vandals destroyed a statue of a toy solider dedicated to a 6-year-old hailed for his heroism during the massacre. Now Kellie
Filmmaker Kim A. Snyder revisits Dec. 14, 2012, the day the lives of the Newtown, Connecticut, community were changed forever.
"At that point, I completely lost it and had to kind of turn away."