Newtown School Shooting

A judge ruled that attorney Andino Reynal must pay $97,169 to a pair of Sandy Hook parents for attempting to delay the trial through bankruptcy.
A 21-year-old woman recalled the lingering effects of enduring the Newtown, Connecticut, mass shooting in a viral social media post.
The late-night host tore into the "despicable and ridiculous" conspiracy theorist.
A former U.S. attorney said the Infowars host is financially doomed even if he tries to wiggle his way out of paying nearly $1 billion in damages.
The "Late Show" host mocks Jones' latest excuse.
He bashes "kangaroo court" on his podcast, aims to stiff Sandy Hook families who've been targeted with threats by his followers.
Remington, which made the gun used in the 2012 massacre, has received the disciplinary records, report cards and employment records of several victims.
Lucy Richards, 57, was given five months in federal prison for sending a series of cryptic threats.