Nicolas Maduro

The council is responsible for protecting human rights, which Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is accused of violating.
The delegate later blasted Trump as "xenophobic and imperialist" after he called Venezuela's president a "Cuban puppet."
The Trump administration has been ramping up pressure on Caracas in a bid to oust President Nicolas Maduro from power.
Cruise ship and other leisure travel to the island is banned over the Cuban government’s support of Venezuela's leader.
Clashes between protesters and police left five dead in the troubled nation this week.
Opposition leader Juan Guaidó has called on his supporters to rise up against President Nicolás Maduro.
The Venezuelan opposition leader has declared a military coup is underway but Nicolás Maduro’s government has vowed to fight it.
In a video posted earlier on Twitter, Guaido said he had begun the “final phase” of his campaign to topple Maduro.
The Trump administration has hinted it wants to intervene to oust Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.
President Nicolas Maduro closed the border to stop the opposition bringing U.S. humanitarian aid into Venezuela.
Trump embraced the rhetoric of the Cold War, promising to topple Nicolás Maduro and "socialists" all across the Western Hemisphere.
The embattled Venezuelan president accused the U.S. of inventing a humanitarian crisis “that does not exist” in order to "take over” the country.
Venezuelans are suffering through a food crisis while President Nicolas Maduro enjoyed steak with famed chef Nusret Gökçe in Istanbul.
Critics warned that Nicolás Maduro would use the incident to crack down on adversaries.
The president is expected to greet the man upon his arrival at the White House.
The State Department has already announced that the U.S. will not recognize the election result.
By Marco Aponte-Moreno, Saint Mary’s College of California and Lance Lettig, Saint Mary’s College of California The White
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“There is a cultural problem because we have been taught that rabbits are cute pets,” the country's agricultural minister admits.