The nine-term lawmaker is accused of trying to conceal information about money funneled to his campaign by a Nigerian billionaire.
The former president, now suspended from social media, congratulated the African country on its national Twitter ban.
Nigeria has seen several such attacks and kidnappings in recent years.
Armed groups in the region are known to kidnap people for money and for the release of their members from jail.
Boko Haram claimed responsibility for last Friday’s abduction of the students from the all-boys school in the Katsina State village of Kankara.
When armed patrols go by, parents outside the school momentarily gain hope that they may have found their sons.
The military was in gunfights with bandits in a forest as it tried to find the 400 missing students.
The British-Nigerian star discusses his role in Steve McQueen’s “Red, White and Blue” and aligning his politics with his career.
From the Muslim ban to the family separations at the U.S.-Mexico border, President Donald Trump’s harsh immigration policies have made it harder and more expensive to immigrate or seek asylum in America.
The Democratic presidential nominee called on the U.S. to "stand with Nigerians who are peacefully demonstrating for police reform."
Thousands of Nigerians have demonstrated in Lagos for nearly two weeks against a police unit, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).
President Donald Trump is expanding his controversial travel ban to include six more countries.
The organization behind the Oscars requires that films in its International Feature category have scripts that are mostly not in English.
The U.S. government has charged 80 people in connection with a massive, international cyber fraud ring.
A handy guide to the longest shots in each group for this year’s tournament.
"I, for one, believe that art can be used to start a conversation."
One theory widely aired on social media - and by some political opponents - was that Buhari had been replaced by a lookalike from Sudan called Jubril.
I was ashamed to say that he was an illegal immigrant.
John Obi Mikel's father was rescued almost a week later following a "gun duel."