Nikki Haley

Abraham Lincoln took just a few weeks to campaign for president. Today a presidential campaign can start two years before the election.
Researchers uncovered a sprawling network on Twitter that praised Donald Trump and slammed his potential 2024 Republican rivals.
The "Late Show" host looked at the most bizarre moments of CPAC.
“We would never even discuss something like that," the first lady said of GOP candidate Nikki Haley's idea.
The 2024 GOP presidential candidate's comments at the Conservative Political Action Conference were slammed as "unspeakable" and "absurd."
But their refusal to call Trump out by name underscored the risks faced by potential and declared challengers worried about alienating the former president's base.
The Conservative Political Action Conference was once a must-attend event for Republicans. What happened?
Once upon a time, in a place long before Donald Trump, there were Republicans. Now there are only followers of Trump and Trump wannabes (looking at you Ron DeSantis).
The 2024 GOP presidential candidate also offered a questionable take on the Civil War in the footage from 2010.
The "CNN This Morning" anchor will return to work Wednesday.