Nikki Haley

The former U.N. ambassador under Trump seems to have forgotten all about one of the ex-president's best-known tendencies.
Older candidates should have to have their mental faculties tested, she argued — “just like you have to show your tax returns.”
“Well, every time she criticizes me, she uncriticizes [sic] me about 15 minutes later,” the former president told Vanity Fair.
Luckily, many Twitter users were happy to remind her that the Republicans have done the same thing she's accusing the Democrats of doing.
For now, a central question in Republican politics is whether Donald Trump, who continues to advance lies about his loss last year to Joe Biden, will run again.
The late-night host points to the obvious flaw in Haley's attack on Vice President Kamala Harris.
The former governor of South Carolina dragged the vice president for not honoring the troops on Twitter — only to do the same thing herself.
Prominent Republicans lavish praise on Donald Trump -- just weeks after denouncing him -- in the scathing CNN montage.
The possible 2024 GOP presidential candidate's criticism of Trump was slammed as too little, too late.
As House Democrats delivered the article of impeachment to the Senate, Republicans from Nikki Haley to Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) argued that former President Donald Trump’s trial should not happen at all.