Norm Coleman

It's becoming increasingly apparent some new Koch Brothers are on the loose in Washington, lavishing money on liberals and conservatives alike. Like the Brothers K, they got rich on filthy fossil fuel revenues, and are using their booty to buy up think tanks, lobbyists and the best law firms. For good measure, they're tossing some of the nation's top liberal institutions into their shopping carts, too.
Once Coleman stepped down from the chief executive officer posts, he was "no longer compensated by either organization," Dan
President Barack Obama won a larger proportion of the Latino vote than previous Democratic presidential candidates did in
GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney has made efforts to stay away from all of the callous and outrageous comments made by his anti-choice allies. Should he win, it's likely Romney could give these anti-choice extremists a seat at the table. Who are these extremists?
But in the last month, Romney has softened his tone on abortion as part of his move to the middle in the final stage of the
Politicians and pundits of all persuasions should get it into their heads that making analogies to the Holocaust or Nazi Germany in the context of 21st century U.S. politics is not just unseemly but borders on, if not crosses over into, the obscene.
The national initiative includes direct mail, print advertising and robocalls, as well as web videos targeted at "select
As Romney meets with voters Wednesday morning in Muscatine, Iowa, he's being accompanied by Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.), who
Terry Holt, a spokesman for the group and former spokesman for Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), explained further to The Huffington
In an open letter to Congress last week, the Sunlight Foundation - offered this plea to lawmakers to not slash funding for
Norm Coleman -- former U.S. senator from Minnesota, and now chairman of American Action Network and Forum, a key outside
Tom Tancredo isn't going anywhere soon. He switched party affiliation to run for governor as a member of the American Constitution
Coleman said in a C-SPAN interview scheduled to be broadcast Sunday that he would not challenge Steele if he decides to run
Republican Cory Gardner is touting a new poll by a GOP-affiliated group that shows him with an 11-point lead over Democratic
"My focus is on the 2010 elections," Coleman wrote in an e-mail message. "We have a huge opportunity to stop the Democrats
At least half a dozen leaders of the Republican Party have joined forces to create a new political group with the goal of
With Coakley's defeat, the Democrats lose their filibuster-proof 60-seat majority in the Senate. However, as Paul Waldman
"Supply and demand." For months -- no, for years -- it has been the constant refrain, explaining away the gyrations and steep trajectory of oil prices.
What keeps Democrats from accessing their inner Tom DeLay and ramming effective bills through when they clearly have the power to do so? They've got a bug. It's called bipartisanship.
Well the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" took what seemed like 10,000 years, but the Minnesota Supreme Court finally ruled yesterday in a unanimous decision to certify Al Franken's election victory.