North Carolina

The 16-year-old said she was forced to cut out her hair accessories in the middle of the game in order to continue playing.
The group’s backing should provide a financial and political boost to the former state Supreme Court justice in a crowded Democratic primary.
“I know a con game when I see it," the civil rights activist said of police holding on to footage of the North Carolina shooting.
The FBI has opened a federal civil rights investigation into the shooting of the Black man last week.
The family, which was allowed to see just 20 seconds of the footage, called his death an execution.
While the body camera footage has not been released, emergency scanner traffic suggests that police shot and killed Andrew Brown Jr. while he was trying to drive away.
North Carolina announced Thursday that the three-time national championship-winning coach is retiring at the age of 70.
Of the 10 new congressional seats expected this year, six are likely to be in Southern states
Jasmine Beach-Ferrara highlights her identity as a gay Christian minister in her first campaign video.
“It hurt very badly that he would say something as false as that.” A former friend of Rep. Madison Cawthorn said the right-wing lawmaker lied about a car wreck that paralyzed him.