North Carolina

Jody Greene abused his power in Columbus County. And the Republicans around him supported it.
Statehouse victories for Republicans this month are resonating for transgender people as they mark Sunday’s Transgender Day of Remembrance.
The pickup truck’s driver was reportedly screaming that he had lost control of the vehicle and couldn’t stop it before the crash in Raleigh.
A record-breaking winter storm has killed more than a dozen people across the country. In Texas, millions are without power as electrical grids fail due to snow and cold. In North Carolina, a deadly tornado ripped a county to pieces.
The 85-year-old Grammy-winning singer and pianist “plans to stay active in her musical and creative pursuits” through her eponymous foundation and other avenues.
Jody Greene bested his Democratic opponent despite recently stepping down over leaked audio of him disparaging Black deputies.
The GOP wins will likely lead to more favorable gerrymanders and threaten abortion rights.
Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene was recorded saying racial slurs not long after he took office.
The details about the shootings emerged from the four-page preliminary report that Raleigh’s police chief provided to the city manager.
The president condemned the shooting in North Carolina, in which five people died and two were injured, and renewed his push for assault weapon bans.