North Carolina

An 11-foot-8-inch railroad overpass in Durham is being raised after years of viral videos showing it lopping the tops off of vehicles.
“Punch her in the face,” one suspect apparently said, according to the documents.
In his plea agreement, Robin Hayes will say that he knew he was making false statements to FBI agents investigating a political donor.
The large bird had been evading would-be captors in two North Carolina counties since June.
Video of North Carolina state Rep. Deb Butler resisting what she called Republican "trickery" is going viral.
Dozens of Democratic state House representatives weren’t present for the vote, which overrode the action of Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper.
The unexpected vote Wednesday morning came without dozens of Democrats on the House floor.
Dan Bishop, a bomb-throwing state senator and Trump loyalist, beat Democrats' 2018 playbook.
One North Carolina congressional district is getting a do-over months after major voter fraud invalidated the results of a 2018 midterm election.
Can Democrat Dan McCready count on the same liberal energy that powered Democrats’ midterm wave?
Despite weakening to a Category 1 storm, Dorian still sent seawater surging over neighborhoods, flooding the first floors of many homes.
Weakened to a Category 1 hurricane, the powerful storm lashed communities with wind, rain and floodwaters.
At least four deaths in the Southeast were blamed on the storm.
More than 1 million people were warned to leave in the Carolinas, and a round of evacuations was ordered in coast Virginia as the storm drew closer.
Activists believe state courts may offer a way to rein in excessive gerrymandering.
Attorney General Josh Stein says that e-cigarette companies "aggressively" target nicotine products to children and fuel "an epidemic of vaping."
The follower of the "Billy Graham rule" has filed a lawsuit claiming he was discriminated against for his faith.
The fugitives are suspected of killing a North Carolina woman and her Australian boyfriend as well as another man.
The North Carolina ad, which features four congresswomen of color, was lambasted by activists as "dangerous" and "violent."