North Carolina

Even as utilities pledge to stop cutting service to the poor during the coronavirus pandemic, some of America’s most vulnerable are falling through the cracks.
One North Carolina shelter is trying to adapt so it can keep serving up to 150 meals a day during the coronavirus pandemic.
Hurricanes have ravaged coastal North Carolina multiple times over the last few years. Here’s how schools are trying to compensate, and plan for future disruptions.
Cunningham defeated progressive state Sen. Erica Smith and now aims to flip Republican Sen. Thom Tillis' seat in November.
Some at Trump's North Carolina rally said they doubted the deadly coronavirus even exists.
Justin Hinton of WLOS in North Carolina delivered a memorable forecast.
"Black people know what discrimination is like," the NBA legend told Ellen DeGeneres.
“We thought she was sick. Turns out she’s just a jerk,” wrote Mitchell County Animal Rescue about Perdita, who is up for adoption.
At an event honoring Martin Luther King Jr., Dan Forest of North Carolina peddled the dangerous myth about the group's abortion services.
The North Carolina couple called 911 after hearing something moving about their house in the night.
The North Carolina lawmaker may take on an unspecified role either with Trump's reelection campaign or his administration.
The North Carolina officer slammed the young boy to the ground twice before dragging his limp body down a hallway.
The school resource officer has reportedly been placed on paid leave amid an investigation into the incident in North Carolina.
Father Patrick T. Hoare decried clergy sexual abuse last year. Now he's accused of abusing a minor 25 years ago.
Rep. George Holding said he won't seek reelection after a court-approved map made his North Carolina district heavily Democratic.
Wake Forest leaders first decided to hold the parade despite the planned protest but scrapped the event after the number of protesters ballooned to 200.
The trio of survivors are back home on North Carolina's Cedar Island, where their herd of "sea cows" freely roams.
The cows managed to swim five miles to a barrier island where they lived off the land.
Before the law was passed, North Carolina was the only state in the U.S. where it wasn't considered a crime to rape a person who willingly drank alcohol.
The files could show partisan efforts to redraw districts to benefit Republicans.