Dozens have died so far and authorities aren't sure if it is a contagious condition or just a series of individual cases.
The heightened assessment comes after Norwegian right-wing extremists expressed support for perpetrators of other attacks around the world.
The broken prison system is in desperate need of reform. U.S. prisons are trying to find answers overseas.
Scientists said they had never seen so many carcasses at once.
Ayla Kirstine of Norway has gone viral thanks to a series of videos in which she runs like a horse.
The whale's harness reportedly featured a mount for a camera and read “Equipment St. Petersburg."
Norway and the U.S., both among the world’s top oil and gas producers, are taking drastically divergent steps in response to pressure from the oil industry.
The Viking Sky hit bad weather near Norway and began evacuating passengers one-by-one.
A revealing conversation with the actress about her new movie, "The Sunlit Night," and her quest for self-discovery.
Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, wife of real estate investor Tom Hagen, has been missing since Oct. 31.
Ada Hegerberg is the first female recipient of soccer's Ballon d’Or, but she still has to put up with dumb questions.
The injuries aren't life-threatening for the man who was taking passengers to shore for a tour.
The law would go into effect about a decade after the 2011 mass shooting on Utoya island. Norway hasn't had another mass shooting since then.
The work follows unprecedented flooding caused by melting of the surrounding permafrost.