A series of unusual leaks on two natural gas pipelines running from Russia under the Baltic Sea to Germany have triggered concerns about sabotage.
The 1,320-pound walrus, which liked to clamber on small boats, was euthanized Sunday after authorities concluded that she posed a risk to humans.
The bear was later killed after injuring the French tourist.
Freya is quickly becoming an international icon, but the stress of fame has become bothersome for her.
The whale showed off when the crew cut away netting from its tail.
Organizers of Oslo Pride canceled a parade as one of the shootings happened outside a bar popular with the Norwegian capital's LGBTQ community.
The royals with the biggest crown jewels across the pond aren’t household names here in the US.
The king's duties as Norway’s head of state are ceremonial, and he holds no political power.
The annual NATO drills in Norway are unrelated to the war in Ukraine.
Owner Vladimir Strzhalkovsky is a former KGB agent and associate of President Vladimir Putin. One Norwegian oil supplier suggested the ship "row home."