National Public Radio

A National Public Radio editor who wrote a critical essay saying that his company had become intolerant of all but liberal views has resigned.
Bob Edwards, the news anchor many Americans woke up to as founding host of National Public Radio's “Morning Edition” for nearly a quarter-century, has died.
Twitter's billionaire owner warned what may happen if the broadcaster doesn't resume posting.
National Public Radio and the bird app got into a war of words on these tweet streets that ended with the nonprofit news organization ghosting the social media site.
The Twitter mogul reacted to the news in a way that can only be described as truly, truly petty.
The social media site led by Elon Musk recently applied the label, which is typically reserved for state-controlled media in authoritarian countries.
The news site, which gets 1% of its annual budget from the government, is now labeled as “government-funded media.” The BBC got a similar label.
Less than 1% of NPR’s annual operating budget comes from federal agencies and departments. Its new labeling puts the outlet in line with Russia’s RT.
The Fox News host's wacky self-own proved that irony has been "found dead in a ditch," a commenter said on Twitter.
A report describing Yeoh's historic Oscars win for Best Actress set them off.