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Ken Cuccinelli said the famous poem inscribed in the moment is about “people coming from Europe.”
Ken Cuccinelli suggested new wording for the Statue of Liberty to defend a controversial rule restricting legal immigration.
The executive producer told NPR that criticism of survivors who don't go to the police "confounds" her.
85-year-old justice lives up to Notorious RBG nickname even after cancer surgery.
The "Make Me Feel" artist expressed gratitude for the title on Twitter, saying she is in "amazing company."
Hooker was also one of the last survivors of the 1921 Tulsa race riots.
Media outlets ― liberal and conservative ― as well as tech platforms are helping Fox News to pull fringe ideas to the center.
The broadcaster aired an interview with Kessler in which he claimed white people are under attack and listed races in order of supposed intelligence.
"I meant to say I wouldn't choose that answer," the former FBI director quipped on the news quiz show.
The famed radio man died of complications from Alzheimer's disease.
The editor in charge of the paper's Sunday edition was also suspended.
The revelations come as the paper’s staff moves forward with its campaign to unionize.
By Frannie Ucciferri, Common Sense Media What if something out there had your kid begging you to turn off the TV or tablet
Making nuclear weapons usable again.
He blamed a rise in hypertension for his leave, which comes after a top NPR editor resigned after sexual harassment allegations came to light.