A lot of sarcastic sympathy was extended to the gun lobbying group.
The National Rifle Association sought to move its operations to Texas from New York.
The National Rifle Association picked a really weird way to mark a Mother's Day that began with a Colorado mass shooting that killed seven people.
Newly discovered footage shows chief executive Wayne LaPierre firing four shots at the animal before someone else takes over and finishes the kill.
"Thank God I'm safe, nobody can get me here," LaPierre recalled thinking after he fled to a private yacht in the wake of the shootings.
Donald Trump Jr. gave a bizarre rant in front of an even more bizarre “interior design” choice.
Insurrectionists had enough ammo to shoot everyone in Congress "five times" — and they were radicalized by decades of NRA fearmongering, a new report finds.
The National Rifle Association said it plans to restructure in Texas as it faces a mountain of legal challenges.