NY Daily News

Trump's February 2020 claim about the coronavirus comes back to haunt him on the newspaper's front page.
The tabloid's front page shows the president's biggest supporters bailing on him.
The Trump lawyer's literal meltdown inspired the tabloid's mocking moniker.
The New York tabloid gave new meaning to USA on its front page.
Leonard Shoulders was hospitalized and "traumatized," his mother said.
Donald Trump's personal attorney has lost control on the tabloid's front page.
A New York Daily News investigation found nearly $4 million has been taken from the congressionally approved fund.
“With a tone from the top of bitterness and bile, America is doomed to spiral ever apart," the newspaper warned in its editorial.
"HAPPY FOURTH?" the tabloid asked in a swipe at Donald Trump's Independence Day celebration at South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore National Memorial.
"It’s disrespectful to the essential workers who need to ride the subway system," said the governor, referring to an article about homeless people in train cars.