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“It’s a bloodbath ... all seemingly due to the five letters on the front of the building," Hayes quips.
Forty years after the torrid summer of 1977 brought a massive blackout, New Yorkers confront a different kind of powerlessness.
Declutter Once you've decluttered your space and moved your furniture, then it's time to hang art and mirrors. Foyers can
Chris Pepe Mr. Pepe: Really depends on the Economy at the time, how long it really took to finish & re-open the L train, depends
Fall traditionally brings cooler temperatures and the second busiest seasons for buying and selling a home. As the summer winds down, indications are that the United States housing market as a whole is moving marginally deeper into buy territory, suggesting that, on average, the majority of housing markets around the country are in good shape and remain a sound investment.
Much like a job interview, asking questions will help give you an understanding of how the building operates, and what expectations you can have for your safety, financial health, and make you feel like you're making the best decision for yourself or your family.
The other day I was walking with my dog Sam the Lab along Lexington Avenue when I noted the remains of another local institution, the toy shop Mary Arnold that had been delighting kids and serving parents in that spot for over thirty years.
The historic exterior holds a very modern surprise inside.
Tips for Buyers and Sellers I always urge buyers to get prequalified for a mortgage before they start shopping. I also discourage
There are two types of STAR benefits: Basic STAR: At least one owner must use the property as a primary residence and the