Obama Administration

In 2015, Carter ordered the military to open all jobs to women, removing the final barriers that kept women from serving in combat.
"You already made the jobs disappear, sweetie," noted one Twitter follower.
Ben Rhodes explained why the U.S. has "no obligation" to come to the defense of Saudi Arabia's oil sites.
The former defense secretary said he didn't know the former vice president would launch a bid for the White House.
Julián Castro is facing backlash from some other Obama administration alums over his calls to repeal the law Trump has used to split up families at the border.
“You cannot go back to the end of the Obama administration and think that that’s good enough,” said the 2020 Democrat.
The charges stem from an investigation of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his work on behalf of a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine.
Her new booklet on kids' online activity looks lots like one the Federal Trade Commission released in 2014.
Officials have repeatedly collaborated with fiercely anti-democratic regimes and militaries.
At his joint press briefing with Angela Merkel, President Trump says he has something in common with the German Chancellor, suggesting he still believes he was wiretapped by the Obama administration.