"The lives of children are on the line with the fate of this bill," said Schneider, who opened up about her personal struggle before starting hormonal therapy.
A farm manager said someone left a spray-painted message that said "we’ll be back."
The GOP wins will likely lead to more favorable gerrymanders and threaten abortion rights.
Her win paves the way for Kaptur to become the longest-serving woman ever in Congress next year.
Vance is poised to easily beat Democrat Tim Ryan in the nation's onetime presidential bellwether.
Ryan is courting Republicans in Ohio's U.S. Senate race, while actual Republican J.D. Vance is reminding them that Ryan isn't actually on their team.
The GOP candidate said his Democratic opponent planned on "flooding America with illegal aliens" so he could "fund their gender reassignment surgeries."
Vance denied spreading the theory. That's not what he told Fox News.
Majewski, the Ohio Republican accused of misrepresenting his military record, also fudged information about his degree.
Watch Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) take down J.D. Vance in the Ohio U.S. Senate debate for his undying support for former President Donald Trump.