Over 300 guests are being asked to self-quarantine following a recent wedding in Washington state. An Ohio couple said that nearly half of their guests became ill.
Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) called out Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) for not wearing a mask on the Senate floor.
The virus is getting worse in states that the incumbent president needs to win the most as the region is raging with new infections.
Midwest Direct, which flew a "Trump 2020" flag at its Cleveland headquarters this summer, was contracted by several counties to print and send ballots.
The Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate is running the spot on Cincinnati TV stations, potentially complicating Joe Biden’s efforts to win Ohio.
Police in Ohio said she was arrested for trespassing after violating mask policy, not for refusing to wear a covering.
Churches and other sacred spaces are exempted from most of Ohio's coronavirus-related laws.
"Trump talks a good game, but he's not on our side," says the ad. "Never has been, never will be."
It was a tasteless choice, considering the U.S. coronavirus death toll has topped 160,000 and is projected to reach 300,000 by December.
Trump’s remarks signaled how contentious the campaign may get over the coming months.