Chardon High School Shooting

A noteworthy event took place in Newtown, CT last month. On May 31, the Newtown community proudly hosted a gathering of visitors. No media, no politics -- just people.
TJ Lane Wears 'KILLER' T-shirt, Gives Courtroom The Middle Finger
Going against the recommendation of his counsel, Lane addressed the courtroom before learning his fate. He smiled periodically
Why do people hate? When does hurt turn to rage and then to violence? How can we stop intolerance and encourage love? And, finally, how can we stop the perpetrators before they act out?
The United States is the country with the highest rate of civilian gun ownership in the world. (The second highest is Yemen
It's a tragedy that five years after Virginia Tech so little has changed. How many years must we wait until tragic headlines about school shootings, children dying, and people using the "shoot first and ask questions later" defense to take the law into their own hands go away? When will we finally get the courage to stand up as a nation and say enough to the deadly proliferation of guns and gun violence that endanger children's and public safety? As a nation we can't afford to keep waiting for common-sense gun control laws that would protect our children and all of us from indefensible gun violence. The time to act is now.
Lane, who wore a light blue button-down shirt in a 30-minute appearance before Grendell on Monday, confessed shortly after
Just as headlines from the February 27 Chardon High School shooting begin to fade, the New York Times website carries two articles on what both appear to be adult shootings.
The fact remains that every year, in every school, in every community, there's danger of school violence.
A tiny town is having a huge impact, schooling the world in how to respond to a nightmare in real time, with real grace, with one heartbeat.
Chardon happened not because an Ohio teenager was so troubled that he became violent. Chardon happened because a troubled, violent Ohio teenager was able to get access to a gun.
The connection between violence and mental disorders is a myth. What's not a myth is the toll that mental health conditions take on our nation.
The tragedy at Chardon could have happened at any high school across the nation. We must understand the factors that can lead to such events and strive to make everybody feel welcome all the time.
Prosecutors have already stated that they will attempt to try the boy as an adult, which could result in a life sentence
"He was so excited to get that first paycheck. That's all he was talking about. 'Mom, when I get home from school on Thursday
The irony of the tragedy is that Hewlin was not known for punctuality, his mother said, except on Monday. T.J. Lane is accused
Prosecutor David Joyce said after the court hearing that Lane is "someone who's not well" and randomly chose the victims