O.J. Simpson

“Khloe, like all the girls I’m very proud of, just like I know Bob would be if he was here, but the simple facts of the matter is she’s not mine," said the 71-year-old on Twitter.
"I think they should let him do his time under house arrest," said the notorious ex-football star, who has prison experience.
"Who Is America?" got awkward in a prank interview with the notorious football star, but what did you expect?
Womp womp: It can be so painful when you're not invited to Martha's Vineyard dinner parties.
"I thought he made a bad choice in attacking the flag," Simpson said.
They also called her shrill, strident and emotional. Marcia Clark talks surviving sexism, and her hopes for #MeToo.
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Simpson won his parole in July after 9 years in prison.
Neither the "trial of the century" nor his history of domestic abuse were brought up.
Disgraced former football star O.J. Simpson has been granted parole after spending nine years in jail for armed robbery and kidnapping.
"I’m not a guy that ever got in a fight on the street and with the public and everybody."
So OJ Simpson will be back on the streets Oct. 1. He received parole from the Nevada prison where he has been incarcerated