O.J. Simpson

“I feel like O.J. Simpson," the British prime minister said during a visit to a coronavirus vaccination center in Wales.
"The Daily Show" host tackles the former president's second impeachment acquittal.
“Khloe, like all the girls I’m very proud of, just like I know Bob would be if he was here, but the simple facts of the matter is she’s not mine," said the 71-year-old on Twitter.
"I think they should let him do his time under house arrest," said the notorious ex-football star, who has prison experience.
"Who Is America?" got awkward in a prank interview with the notorious football star, but what did you expect?
Womp womp: It can be so painful when you're not invited to Martha's Vineyard dinner parties.
"I thought he made a bad choice in attacking the flag," Simpson said.
They also called her shrill, strident and emotional. Marcia Clark talks surviving sexism, and her hopes for #MeToo.
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Simpson won his parole in July after 9 years in prison.