Despite Wednesday's ruling, the procedure remains illegal in the state in most cases.
Bodycam footage shows police in Enid on the wild goat chase.
Jesse McFadden is believed to have killed his wife, her three children and their two friends before killing himself, authorities said Wednesday.
Jesse McFadden, who was found dead with his wife, her teenage children and two visiting teens in Henryetta, kept his family “under lock and key," his wife's mother said.
The bodies are believed to include those of Ivy Webster, 14, Brittany Brewer, 16, and Jesse McFadden, the felon authorities said the teens were traveling with.
Barbara Barrick says her husband, Bobby, died in a hospital days after members of the McCurtain County Sheriff's Department shocked him with a stun gun.
Deadly storms this spring have killed dozens of people across a wide swath of country.
McCurtain County Commissioner Mark Jennings was caught on tape discussing killing reporters and lynching Black people.
Zen Cannabis says its supersized edible contains 4.2 million milligrams of THC and can be yours for only a measly $42,000.
Sheriff Kevin Clardy didn't address the comments about killing journalists and hanging Black people, but calls the situation “complex.”