President Donald Trump’s son Eric took a jab at Democratic nominee Joe Biden for his “awkward” campaign event, which took place outdoors with socially distanced participants to help slow the spread of COVID-19.
The suit demands redress for the destruction of the city's once prosperous Black district in one of the worst acts of racial violence in U.S. history.
State Rep. Sean Roberts criticized the protest, saying the Black Lives Matter movement is linked to "Marxism" and efforts to "destroy nuclear families."
One inmate went on the run for several hours. Another broke an ankle in a fall. Both are now back in custody.
The justices ruled 5-4, declaring that Congress never diminished or disestablished the land as a reservation.
The Sooner State is the 38th jurisdiction to offer benefits to more adults under the Affordable Care Act.
The "Late Show" host savagely spoofed the campaign stop with a musical classic.
Late night hosts had a field day after President Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally fell short of expectations.
Trump's first rally since the coronavirus pandemic began made headlines after only 6,200 supporters showed up.
“It’s a perfect storm,” warned Bruce Dart, who urged attendees to self-isolate and get tested for the coronavirus following the event.