The victims — three men and one woman, all Chinese citizens — were shot dead and “executed” on the 10-acre property about 55 miles northwest of Oklahoma City, authorities said.
Ryan Walters told a local television station his first order of business would be auditing the state’s Education Department.
Authorities in Oklahoma say at least one person has died as tornadoes ravaged areas of that state and neighboring Texas, leaving some people trapped and dozens of homes in ruins.
Republican Ryan Walters, a candidate for state school superintendent, promoted the urban legend.
Democratic school superintendent Joy Hofmeister has the money and a coalition to win — but it won’t be easy.
The adult- and child-sized burial sites were unearthed in Oaklawn Cemetery amid relaunched efforts to find and identify victims of the 1921 attack.
Video shows an extremist in a red hat throwing a firebomb into the doughnut shop and leaving a note that reportedly contained "hateful rhetoric."
Broken Arrow police said they did not believe an immediate threat to the public existed.
The state will hold a special election to legalize weed on March 7.
Joe Kennedy, 67, was arrested Monday in Daytona Beach Shores while driving a stolen vehicle, according to law enforcement.