Opioid Epidemic

HuffPost previously revealed that Amit Paley was part of a McKinsey consulting team for notorious OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma.
Recovery advocates called Don Bolduc’s comments about the lifesaving treatment “barbaric.”
The landmark ruling lays partial blame for the opioid abuse epidemic on pharmacies that supplied the drugs.
A federal judge has overturned a pharma settlement that left the Sackler family free from lawsuits over the opioid crisis.
Amit Paley, CEO of The Trevor Project, was part of a team advising Purdue Pharma on how to boost sales of opioids during his time at McKinsey & Co., according to a trove of documents reviewed by HuffPost.
The "Heroes" star said a member of her team encouraged her to take "happy pills" at just 15 years old.
The Cabell-Huntington lawsuit was the first time allegations involving opioid distribution ended up at federal trial.
The provisional 2021 total translates to roughly one U.S. overdose death every 5 minutes.
The family has drawn ongoing furor over its role marketing OxyContin to Americans.
"I started sending money home instead of visiting and avoided her phone calls; when I said 'I love you' it felt like a lie."