Opioid Epidemic

Under the deal, the state and local governments would have to spend $123.3 million to address the opioid crisis, including on substance abuse treatment.
The Grammy nominee, who went from selling drugs to selling out arenas, told senators, "I am here now standing as a man that wants to be part of the solution."
The justices seemed by turns reluctant to break up an exhaustively negotiated agreement, but also leery of somehow rewarding the Sacklers.
But Cinde Warmington said her work on the New Hampshire Executive Council, where she is the sole Democrat, speaks for itself.
The third-largest pharmacy chain in the nation filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Sunday.
"I prided myself on being tough and not complaining — even when I had to crawl on my hands and knees down the stairs to have a family dinner."
Jerry Martin hopes his Drugs Store can help combat the opioid crisis, which has killed over 11,000 people in British Columbia since 2016.
The lifesaving nasal spray is expected to hit store shelves and online U.S. retailers by late summer -- though it's not clear how much it will cost.
People may be able to purchase the treatment at their pharmacy — a change experts are celebrating.
Doug Griffin, a Republican, said the lawmaker "crossed the line" as Joe Biden told Griffin's late daughter's story in his State of the Union speech.