Oprah Winfrey

In a two-hour special, the singer will speak with Winfrey about "life after divorce, weight loss and raising her son," according to CBS.
They weren't afraid to comment about fictional misdeeds of the famous in street interviews.
The actor slammed Winfrey for her relationship with the disgraced film executive and for "supporting a sick power structure for personal gain."
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex delivered revelation after revelation during the two-hour interview.
The former New York mayor is getting what he deserves, the tabloid’s editorial board declared in a scathing column about the suspension of his law license.
Ethnic minorities account for about 13% of the U.K. population but only 8.5% of the Royal Household staff.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared the heartwarming note on their foundation's website, and added that they will both be taking parental leave.
Meghan Markle told Oprah Winfrey that she contemplated suicide and eventually told the Duke of Sussex in order to get help.
“It’s like… how are you grieving more for someone who was my parent and I’m unable to grieve myself?”
The Duke of Sussex discussed his own anxiety, therapy and coping techniques for the series, which debuted last week.