Oprah Winfrey

In addition to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the agency also represents the Obamas, the Clintons and Oprah Winfrey.
“Oprah didn’t hook that up. Harry and Meghan know people,” the “CBS This Morning” co-host said of the couple's new home in Los Angeles.
In his "Some Good News" series, the actor was also joined by Steven Spielberg and Jon Stewart in a virtual commencement to make up for canceled ceremonies.
The media mogul will be joined by other celebrities scheduled to deliver speeches during the event, including Lil Nas X, Jennifer Garner and Simone Biles.
The business mogul shared a video on Instagram of her longtime partner trying his hand at being a barber and he wasn't half bad.
Oprah calls her latest book club pick a "medical detective story."
The mogul insisted her longtime partner, who does not have coronavirus, self-quarantine in their guesthouse after he returned from traveling a few weeks ago.
"We’re taking it very seriously,” the media mogul said.
The husband and wife both now have the coronavirus, but tell Oprah Winfrey they have no regrets.
Jeanine Cummins and Oprah Winfrey sit with critics to discuss the marginalization of Latinx voices.