Authorities in Oregon said Antonio Arredondo used social media to specifically seek single mothers with young daughters.
The attacks claimed the lives of an Indiana woman and an Oregon man, both cisgender people.
A Portland, Oregon, police officer released a video apology three years after beating a photojournalist who sought restorative justice.
A boycott by Republican state senators in Oregon threatens to derail hundreds of bills, including on gun control and abortion rights.
It's unclear why the scaleless fish with fanged jaws and huge eyes, usually found more than a mile deep in the ocean, have washed up on the coastline.
Shemia Fagan's marijuana consulting job paid $10,000 per month, with bonuses three times that amount if she helped the company get licensed in other states.
“I was there,” she said of being with the former University of Oregon tight end after he was fatally injured in a fall at a cliff-diving site.
About 100 people recently completed a $7,900, six-month course at a retreat near Portland to learn how to become facilitators and earn a certificate.
A powerful winter storm lashing the West Coast state is still threatening floods, blizzards and avalanches Saturday.