Hospital officials condemned the nurse's "cavalier disregard" for wearing masks and other social distance protocols after her "Grinch"-themed video went viral.
Robert Paul Keegan has been charged with murder for allegedly killing Aidan Ellison in a hotel parking lot.
“You can't get Americans across the two parties to agree on much, but this election definitely showed us that they clearly agree on drug policy reform.”
Incoming Oregon county commissioner Tootie Smith got backlash for her "selfish" defiance of Gov. Kate Brown's new COVID-19 safety restrictions.
This life-altering decriminalization measure will hand addicts a life preserver in the form of treatment and no jail.
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown ordered a two-week “freeze” starting Wednesday.
With the passage of Measure 110, Oregonians took America's most significant step toward ending the 50-year war on drugs.
Voters in the Beaver State will vote on Tuesday whether possession of small amounts of heroin, cocaine, LSD and other hard drugs should be decriminalized.
The suit blasts the action as capricious, lawless, oxymoronic, unconstitutional — and dangerous.
Among young voters, 74% want state and local governments to do more about climate change. And they're lining up to make that happen.