Oregon Shooting

Democratic Gov. Kate Brown has advanced a slew of progressive priorities since she took office last year.
What much research proposes, and history also teaches, is that democracy flourishes when we start with the idea that all people are created equal, and endowed with certain inalienable rights.
There is this desperate wish from people abroad, people who genuinely love America, to change the system of this nation to
What words are left? If we as a nation are willing to allow mass causality gun crimes to go unanswered with legislation that could make a meaningful difference in the lives of our people, what words are left to share with those killed at the social services center in San Bernardino, CA today? Do we share with them the same words of comfort and promises of action that were promised to the children massacred at Sandy Hook or the young college students murdered in Roseburg, Ore. earlier this fall? That fact that people are still able to purchase weapons of war, some of which were appropriately banned under the now-expired Assault Weapons Ban, is a moral failure on the part of our nation.
School shootings are a common occurrence these days. The shooting in Oregon shook America... but not enough to do anything about it.
While only a small proportion of the gun deaths in the United States occur on campuses, such events make it starkly evident that higher education must attend to the role of guns in American culture and bring the force of our roles to bear against the violence that is endemic in our country.
"It started so normal, the day that is."
We're all here because we've been lucky, but we're taking it for granted. This kind of thing cannot happen again. Children should not feel the need to practice having a conversation with someone who wants to kill them. Teachers should not be asked to die for their students.
It is time that we hold those who plead ignorance to this phenomenon accountable. It is time for us to demand better from everyone around us. It is time to actually help those who need help. It is time to elevate the conversation. Enough is enough.