Patrick Leahy

Vermont’s lone member of the U.S. House of Representatives is moving to the Senate.
The 82-year-old Democrat was expected to remain in the hospital overnight for observation, at the recommendation of his doctors.
“He is exactly the kind of individual who should be considered for clemency,” said Leahy, who served in the Senate with Biden for 36 years.
“I cannot believe I would ever hear this from somebody running for office or in office” in America, said Leahy, who witnessed the violence in the Capitol.
The progressive state has the unfortunate distinction of being the only one never to have sent a woman to Congress.
The former Judiciary Committee chairman and longest-serving U.S. senator says it's time for the Native American activist to go home after 44 years.
The decisions by Leahy and now Welch will create the first open seats in Vermont's three-member congressional delegation since 2006.
The Senate’s longest-serving Democrat is retiring after 47 years in office — the latest major retirement ahead of 2022's midterm elections.
The 80-year-old Democrat, who has since been released, "was not feeling well" and was taken to a local hospital "out of an abundance of caution," his office said.
Republicans notoriously refused to meet with Merrick Garland as part of thwarting his 2016 Supreme Court nomination.