Paul Ryan

The former House GOP speaker argued there's a looming issue that could cost Republicans dearly.
The GOP former House speaker also revealed what Republicans in Congress now say about the second impeachment of the former president.
The former House speaker also hit MAGA Republicans with a stark warning about a Trump-Biden rematch.
Charlie Sykes questioned Ryan's apparent belief that he can "steer the network away from the craziness, and from bats**t crazy lies."
The Republican former House speaker-turned-Fox Corp. board member ducked conservative commentator Charlie Sykes' question about a red line.
Donald Trump's son flipped out at former GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan, who is now a director on Fox Corp.'s board.
The Fox News founder told GOP former House Speaker Paul Ryan why Hannity didn't push back on the former president, according to new court documents.
The former House speaker said he won't attend the Republican National Convention set to be held in his state if the former president is the GOP nominee.
The former House speaker has some bad news for the ex-president.
It’s “really clear to me, and the evidence is pretty stark, that if we have a nominee not named Trump, we’re so much more likely to win the White House," said Ryan.