Paul Ryan

On Thursday, the president blamed the former House speaker for Romney's electoral defeat seven years ago.
The former House speaker reportedly credited himself with saving Trump from bad "knee-jerk" decisions.
"Imagine no longer needing to say this kind of stuff for your job but then saying it anyway," wrote one person on Twitter.
“I am not going to defend Donald Trump. Not now, not in the future," the then-House speaker said, according to a new book.
“I don’t think she really listened to a thing I said," said the former House speaker.
Fox mogul Rupert Murdoch, who will co-chair the newly formed Fox Corporation, has long been a fan of the former House speaker.
Pence was given the office by the previous House speaker, Paul Ryan.
The ironworker who took on Paul Ryan wants to help other people of modest means run for Congress.
President Donald hurled scathing insults at former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, but ignored reports that McCabe briefed top Republican lawmakers on the investigation into him.
The president sometimes struggles with names ... including those of the people he works with.
The president repeatedly refers to dogs when he's attacking people.
But funding a border wall wasn’t even the president’s priority until just before the midterm elections.
The government is literally shut down as Republicans get ready to hand over the House to Democrats.
Trump had signaled on Wednesday that he would sign the deal if there was border wall funding.
The president “does not want to go further without border security," the White House said.
The departing GOP House speaker leaves a legacy of willful ignorance.
The House speaker previously blocked efforts to help Dreamers.
Reps. Jim Costa, Al Lawson, Collin Peterson, Dutch Ruppersberger and David Scott helped the GOP ensure the House won't consider a companion bill to anti-Saudi legislation soon expected to pass the Senate.
The congresswoman-elect called out a double standard in which she's been harshly judged since her election to the House.