Paul Ryan

Trump raged at Ryan and told him "these people love me," according to Bob Woodward and Robert Costa's new book "Peril."
As Republicans in Wisconsin pursue an unneeded audit, the former House speaker stated plainly that Donald Trump legitimately lost.
The ex-president claimed the former House speaker is "a curse to the Republican Party."
Republicans "will not be impressed by the sight of yes-men and flatterers flocking to Mar-a-Lago," said the former House speaker, who sits on the Fox board.
The former House Speaker proclaimed Joe Biden's 2020 win "entirely legitimate,” adding, "The results were decisively confirmed."
The president tried to blame Fox board member Paul Ryan for unfavorable coverage on the network.
The Fox Business host questioned the "stunning silence" from Paul Ryan and John Boehner in the week after the State of the Union address.
The former vice president inaccurately claimed the Sanders campaign “doctored” a video of his remarks about Social Security.
Pelosi is the only woman to hold the office of House Speaker, and the first speaker in 60 years to reclaim the gavel after losing it.
On Thursday, the president blamed the former House speaker for Romney's electoral defeat seven years ago.
The former House speaker reportedly credited himself with saving Trump from bad "knee-jerk" decisions.
"Imagine no longer needing to say this kind of stuff for your job but then saying it anyway," wrote one person on Twitter.
“I am not going to defend Donald Trump. Not now, not in the future," the then-House speaker said, according to a new book.
“I don’t think she really listened to a thing I said," said the former House speaker.
Fox mogul Rupert Murdoch, who will co-chair the newly formed Fox Corporation, has long been a fan of the former House speaker.
Pence was given the office by the previous House speaker, Paul Ryan.
The ironworker who took on Paul Ryan wants to help other people of modest means run for Congress.
President Donald hurled scathing insults at former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, but ignored reports that McCabe briefed top Republican lawmakers on the investigation into him.
The president sometimes struggles with names ... including those of the people he works with.