Rider Strong, Danielle Fishel and Will Friedle discussed the trauma of initially defending their Season 5 guest star, Brian Peck, before the truth came out.
The actor who played Marion Ravenwood clarifies a conversation in her introductory scene, which some believe alludes to the title character’s predatory past.
Nathan Larson, 40, who admitted to being a pedophilia advocate during a 2018 campaign run, was allegedly caught trying to transport the girl across the country.
John Ortberg failed to notify Menlo Church about his son's attraction to minors for over a year.
Letourneau, who later married her victim, was the subject of a USA Network movie, “All American Girl.”
A new novel explores the story of a teenage girl who sees her abuse as love.
Patricia “Trish” Cahill was abused by Sister Eileen Shaw as a teen. Before that, Trish says she was abused by her uncle, Father Millard. Now that New Jersey has reformed its statute of limitations for victims of child sexual abuse, Trish has filed a negligence lawsuit against the diocese where her uncle served as a priest.
The Rev. Ulrich Zurkuhlen was apparently attempting to teach parishioners at Holy Spirit Church in Münster about the importance of forgiveness in Christianity.
The video giant is accused of profiting off pedophilia and homophobic bigotry.
Before the release of “Leaving Neverland,” comedians mocked the child sex abuse accusations against Michael Jackson.