Lancaster sought to be more welcoming to undocumented residents by limiting cooperation with ICE. The blowback highlights what's expected to be a hugely motivating issue in this year's presidential election.
Joshua Moser is accused of killing his roommate, David Hittinger, following a "disagreement," the local district attorney said.
The Philadelphia-based school weighed in on the "unfortunate error" after a TikTok user questioned how someone could "mess up that badly."
"Hopefully there are no more, but we still want people to be aware of the possibility," a game warden said of the disturbing discovery.
The Squad member had a warning for fellow progressives likely to face similar attacks.
If granted by a judge, the injunction would be a major boost to the newspaper’s workers who’ve been on strike for 18 months.
The president's announcement comes the same day as a visit to the United Steelworkers union headquarters in Pittsburgh.
Biden has made a nostalgic return to the house where he grew up in working-class Scranton, kicking off three days of campaigning across Pennsylvania.
The shooting occurred at a "Ramadan event with hundreds of people," according to a local Fox affiliate.
“When the doctor said ‘is that an earthquake?’ I still thought ... he was just trying to lighten the mood,” Justin Allen told HuffPost.