Three Sharon Hill Police officers were charged in the Aug. 27, 2021, shooting that killed Fanta Bility outside a high school football game.
The Pittsburgh quarterback may have played his last NFL game, but he should've been tossed out of the league long ago.
McCormick, a political newcomer, has ties to former President Donald Trump.
Officials said there were four smoke detectors in the building but none were operating.
Investigators haven't yet determined who was the intended target and who may have been hit by stray gunfire.
Five suspects are in custody in Delaware after they were found in a vehicle that was stolen at gunpoint in Philadelphia from U.S. Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon.
The celebrity surgeon and Senate hopeful has vowed to take on drug and medical device companies — which have paid him handsomely over the years.
The show replacing “Dr. Oz” will be co-hosted by his daughter Daphne.
Stations in Philadelphia, New York City and Cleveland have pulled the show to avoid “equal time” rules that give rival candidates the ability to request matching air time.
Celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz is throwing his hat in the race for Senate in Pennsylvania.
Samir Jefferson, 14, was at a bus stop in a North Philadelphia neighborhood when two unknown shooters fired at least 36 shots, said police.
Home is where the heart is — or where you can rent your in-laws' place.
"The Republican Party is the party of washed up celebrities running for office they have zero qualifications to hold," one person noted.
Mehmet Oz, known for his TV program "The Dr. Oz Show," announced his first political run on Tuesday.
Sean Parnell, Trump's Senate pick in Pennsylvania, suspended his campaign after losing a custody battle with his estranged wife.
“We welcome the original Phillie Phanatic back with open arms,” Phillies executive vice president David Buck said Tuesday.
The fan's reason for staying on topic during the accident is the most sports-obsessed explanation ever.
Donald Trump's pick for Senate in Pennsylvania, a must-win race for the GOP, was accused of abuse in a custody battle that could derail his campaign.
Satanic Delco's leader characterized the Pennsylvania district's ban on all attire "satanic in nature" as discriminatory and unconstitutional.
Joseph Sobolewski faced up to seven years in prison after paying $2 for a Mountain Dew that cost $2.29 plus tax.