At least 1,900 U.S. military firearms were lost or stolen during the 2010s, with some resurfacing in violent crimes, an investigation has found.
A series of blinking, pyramid-shaped "unidentified aerial phenomena" were filmed by a Navy pilot over a U.S. destroyer off the coast of San Diego.
“It’s pretty much definitive.” Former acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller blamed Donald Trump’s speech for inciting the violence on Capitol Hill.
The talk show host analyzed the president's suspicious Pentagon firings and hirings as he baselessly cries foul in the election.
The president reportedly intends to take more than $7 billion from Pentagon funding to build his border wall, according to internal White House plans obtained by The Washington Post.
During military testing, it shot down the track at 6,559 mph.
Pentagon didn't factor in $1.6 billion discount Trump claimed he negotiated.
The Pentagon has drawn plans to send 10,000 troops to the Middle East. The decision has yet to be finalized by the White House.
"This is unacceptable,” acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan said of the increase from 2016 to 2018.