Perry Hall High School Shooting

Watch the video above and head over to CBS Baltimore to read the original story. The town held a spirited homecoming parade
Since the video was uploaded on September 21, it has been shown in schools across the country. Barokas has heard from hundreds
Initially, I wasn't scared. I was curious -- even excited. My whole class was. Because "lockdown" sounded like something straight out of CSI.
Stricter gun laws simply aren't the answer, which is why increased gun regulations nationally and at the state level aren't likely to be seen in light of recent tragedies.
Instead of pushing for controversial legislation with a name that polls well with the American public, we need to start looking a policies that will substantially reduce crime.
PHOTOS: (Story Continues Below) Borowy's mother Rosemary wasn't comfortable speaking out about the shooting, but the mother
Piper was arrested for marijuana and illegal firearm possession. The student victim was taken to Baltimore Regional Hospital
The weapon used in the school shooting did not belong to Piper and his charges are not related to the incident. Police say
In America, we value our safety and security, but I know I don't feel safe with these weapons being bought so easily and I'm sure I am not the only one who feels this way.
Robert Wayne Gladden, Jr., a 15-year-old student at the school, is being charged Tuesday morning for the shooting with attempted
As of Monday evening, the 17-year-old victim remained in critical condition under supervision at the Maryland Schock Trauma
Students say it was Jesse Wasmer, a guidance counselor at Perry Hall High School, who intervened during a shooting in the
"We send our students to school to be safe and this is a horrible way to start a school year," Maryland State Schools Superintendent