The Georgia students are among hundreds of Americans stuck in Peru after the government closed its borders due to the coronavirus outbreak.
He brokered a historic ceasefire between Iran and Iraq in 1988 and helped to re-establish democracy in his Peruvian homeland.
Peruvian President Vizcarra's decision came after lawmakers proceeded with holding a vote to replace almost all the members of the Constitutional Tribunal.
Vice President Mike Pence will attend in his place, the White House said.
UNESCO estimates Peru's famous geoglyphs are around 2,000 years old.
He says they're worse than Shining Path guerrillas.
At least one death and dozens of injuries have been confirmed.
President Pedro Pablo Kuczysnki pardoned the former leader after Fujimori's loyalists in Congress saved him from an impeachment bid.
During this year’s Miss Peru pageant, instead of offering their physical measurements, contestants read statistics on violence against women.