Peru has indefinitely shut its iconic tourist site Machu Picchu in the latest sign that anti-government protests are increasingly engulfing the South American country.
Protesters demanding that President Dina Boluarte resign and ousted President Pedro Castillo be freed from jail violently clashed with security forces.
Peru’s new government has imposed a police state amid violent protests following the ouster of President Pedro Castillo.
The "Late Show" host highlighted the ousting of Peru's president after he was arrested following an attempt to dissolve Congress this week.
President Pedro Castillo was arrested on a charge of rebellion Wednesday after trying to dissolve Congress and take unilateral control of the government.
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Peru's former President Alberto Fujimori is serving a 25-year sentence for murder and corruption charges.
Twenty-one beaches on the Pacific coast of Peru were contaminated.
Experts weigh in on the do’s and don'ts of preparing this iconic Peruvian dish.
The South American country's No. 1 tourist draw will be allowing a smaller number of visitors starting on Sunday