Pete Buttigieg

“This is Goldeneye Pete Buttigieg,” one social media user joked about the picture.
The Transportation secretary says authorities are working to clear the channel to reopen the Port of Baltimore after Tuesday’s accident.
The fine is 30 times larger than the previous record penalty from the Transportation Department.
The Transportation secretary perfectly flipped the new House speaker's claim about same-sex relations being "the dark harbinger of chaos" back on him.
Any unease around injured service members "should make you uncomfortable" for a very different reason, the transportation secretary said.
The secret of great comedy is supposedly timing, and climate change-denying California Republican Doug LaMalfa just didn't have it.
The transportation secretary said he had questions about "a video that splices images of you in between oiled-up shirtless bodybuilders."
The talk show host became emotional as Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg's husband recalled fearing "something was twisted and wrong with me."
The administration is proposing requirements for refunds and compensation for flight delays and cancellations that are within an airline’s control.
The transportation secretary appeared not to see the humor in the "Daily Show" guest host's gags.