Pete Buttigieg

The former vice president responded to criticism by suggesting the transportation secretary "can't take a joke."
The Cabinet official recalled that the former vice president was much kinder the last time they met in person.
"Where would you be?" Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg's husband asked the former vice president.
The transportation secretary used choice words responding to the ex-president's appearance near the Ohio toxic train derailment last month.
U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg made his first visit to the crash site amid growing criticism over the federal response to the derailment.
The transportation secretary has faced criticism for waiting more than a week to publicly discuss the disaster.
The under-fire transportation secretary also said he plans to travel to East Palestine, Ohio.
The U.S. transportation secretary warned the freight rail company to “demonstrate unequivocal support for the people” of East Palestine.
The Democratic senator praised the Biden administration’s antitrust work but said more should be done, pointing to the transportation and agriculture secretaries.