Philadelphia Priest Trial

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - A former church official jailed for his handling of priest sexual-abuse complaints is no longer housed
PHILADELPHIA (AP) - A prison that Pope Francis plans to visit during his U.S. trip houses a former church official jailed
But increasingly, the focus of hope is shifting to the Vatican, where advocates say Pope Francis needs to ensure that a new
Politicians do it. Journalists do it. Even Harvard students do it. Dissembling, stonewalling and outright lies all pass for political discourse these days. The culture of deceit appears to be not only pervasive, but quite acceptable as a way of doing business.
Lynn oversaw clergy assignments in the Philadelphia archdiocese for a decade and is the first high-ranking church official
By Dave Warner Prosecutors say Lynn, 61, covered up child sex abuse allegations, often by transferring priests to unsuspecting
"During that time, dealing with sexual abuse and protecting children has been -- and will remain -- a top priority for me
The testimony came during the trial of Monsignor William Lynn, former secretary of the clergy, who is charged with child
Trauger is not a defendant, but prosecutors used the testimony to build its case against Lynn, who they say improperly dealt
Copyright 2012 Thomson Reuters. Click for Restrictions "This statement by the court raises concerns that it harbors a firm
By Daniel Burke Religion News Service (RNS) Advocates for victims of clergy sexual abuse are hailing the indictment of a