Philadelphia Priest Trial

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - A former church official jailed for his handling of priest sexual-abuse complaints is no longer housed
PHILADELPHIA (AP) - A prison that Pope Francis plans to visit during his U.S. trip houses a former church official jailed
Moreover, Lynn was always something of a consolation prize. Lynn’s boss, Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua, who headed the archdiocese
Politicians do it. Journalists do it. Even Harvard students do it. Dissembling, stonewalling and outright lies all pass for political discourse these days. The culture of deceit appears to be not only pervasive, but quite acceptable as a way of doing business.
Chaput "cannot expect decades of secrecy and self-serving decisions by church employees to change if he refuses to permanently
If convicted on all charges, he faces the possibility of 21 years in prison. The defense said Lynn tried to handle documented
"I've been in Philadelphia for less than a year, and I've tried as quickly as possible to understand all of the many issues
The testimony came during the trial of Monsignor William Lynn, former secretary of the clergy, who is charged with child
The explosive testimony came on the third day of a historic trial against two Roman Catholic priests in the Philadelphia