Philip Chism

Chism was 14 years old when he raped and killed Colleen Ritzer.
In a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision is a deceptively simple line that should affect, and in many cases, transform the way Americans think about juveniles who kill. At the heart of the 2012 groundbreaking case, Miller v. Alabama, said the Court, is the idea, proven by neuroscience and behavioral research, that "children who commit even heinous crimes are capable of change."
LOWELL, Mass., Dec 15 (Reuters) - A Massachusetts jury on Tuesday found a teenager guilty of raping and murdering a math
As seekers of all things good, it is my hope you'll join us on October 22nd in honoring Colleen's legacy by spreading kindness and sharing it on the campaign's Facebook and Twitter pages with the hashtag #Kindness4Colleen.
Aggravated rape charges are brought when there is serious bodily harm or when the rape was committed during another felonious
"From what I know about him and seeing him every day, it just doesn't add up that he would do such a thing, unless this was
Her Facebook profile included a photo of the Boston skyline with the phrase "Boston Strong" in dark clouds, the rallying
Ritzer was reportedly a well-liked teacher at the school, while Chism was a leader on his soccer team. READ MORE ABOUT COLLEEN