Jennifer Talbot of Ohio was intercepted at a boarding gate by airline personnel, officials said.
How hundreds of years of stereotypes made it difficult for this Filipina to embrace her brown skin.
Duterte tried to demonstrate his heterosexual bona fides by inviting several women onstage to kiss him.
The artist was inspired by real whales that have died from having pounds of plastic in their bellies.
Officials estimated the value of the unusual shipment at $5,900.
Philippine officials first arrested Ressa, executive editor of Rappler, in February — among a series of attempts to stifle the site's reporting on Duterte’s war on drugs.
“I was not prepared for the amount of plastic," said Darrell Blatchley, who recovered the animal.
Bullets were "dipped in pig's blood," he claimed, one of his many past comments under new scrutiny following the New Zealand attack.
Rodrigo Duterte also referred to the audience of female military and police as "crazy women."
Long a target of President Rodrigo Duterte, Ressa was arrested Wednesday in the latest attempt to silence her and her news site, Rappler.
The blasts blew away the entrance to the cathedral and ripped through the main hall.
The controversial president says he told a priest that he snuck into his maid's room and "touched" her while she slept.
Gray’s win marks the fourth time a Miss Philippines has won the competition.
This was the second crash involving aircraft belonging to the USS Ronald Reagan in less than a month.
Officials suspect the owners of the wallets were victims of pickpockets.
Duterte revoked the senator’s 2011 amnesty for a failed coup attempt and revived rebellion charges against him.
Philippine police say the death toll from Typhoon Mangkhut has climbed to 64.
Typhoon Mangkhut, the strongest storm to hit the country so far this year, is forecast to make landfall early on Saturday.
Hollywood is making strides, but let’s not overlook the folks outside the margins — the ones who look like me.
A bride in the Philippines walked down a flooded church aisle determined not to let a monsoon ruin the big day.