Typhoon Haiyan

Typhoon Mangkhut, the strongest storm to hit the country so far this year, is forecast to make landfall early on Saturday.
The category 4 typhoon is expected to make landfall later this weekend.
"There are people," Gore said, "who have been to previous conferences, and they look back on the long string of them, and
Although attending NGOs represent women, indigenous groups, youth, labor, faith, and human rights, if you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or gender nonconforming (LGBTQ/GNC) you will be hard-pressed to find formal green alliances.
If there is one thing I learned during this tragic event, it is that the world is full of kind-hearted, generous souls, willing to extend a hand and risk their own safety to help others in need. And our story is just one of hundreds of thousands; many are yet to be heard.
Experts are calling for a closer monitoring system of how aid funds are being spent.
With one degree of global warming already added as a result of human-caused emissions, there's no escaping that we now live in the age of the Super Typhoon, and that will bring severe destruction.
For developing countries, climate change is a matter of survival. A failure of a strong commitment in Paris means taking away our right to live.
This year's El Niño can already lay claim to spawning Mexico's record-breaking Hurricane Patricia or contributing to one of the worst ever outbreaks of peatland and forest fires in Indonesia, but it might only be just getting started.
Developing countries lose more and are damaged more. This is why developing countries have been continuously, tirelessly fighting for loss and damage in the climate negotiations. Meanwhile, developed countries like the United States, those who have caused the climate change we know today, have only evaded the topic.
The relief system is being introduced in the Philippines, which came under fire after Typhoon Haiyan and survivors went days without food.
In just 5 years, Aquino's accomplishments have exceeded many expectations and have outperformed all previous administrations.
MANILA, July 31 (Reuters) - The United Nations on Friday urged the Philippines to speed up completion of housing for thousands
The 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal has killed more than 7,000 people, and left the country ravaged in need of acute social and structural reconstruction.
Ten years ago, the 11th century minaret of the Umayyad Mosque stood in splendor above the city of Damascus, Syria. Today
The pope understands that climate change is a humanitarian crisis that threatens the entire human community, especially the poor and most vulnerable among us. This summer he will release an encyclical -- one of the highest forms of Catholic teachings -- on climate change. It is expected to link protecting the environment to fighting global inequality.