GOP Senate nominee Mehmet Oz dropped the ball in an appeal for Pennsylvania voter turnout before the midterm elections.
Progressive candidate Summer Lee would like to call your attention to the difference.
As Donald Trump and Kanye West raise fresh antisemitism fears, the president commemorated the anniversary of the Tree of Life mass shooting.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback may be showing the strain of on- and off-field woes.
The unidentified man fell nearly 40 feet inside Acrisure Stadium on Sunday.
The longtime broadcaster addressed why he struggled with his breath and speech patterns during last Sunday’s broadcast of the Emmy award-winning show.
Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman Rodolfo Castro dropped an important call on the field.
Lee's victory over attorney Steve Irwin is a disappointment for pro-Israel groups and local moderate Democrats.
The NFL quarterback, who died after he was hit by a dump truck on a highway in South Florida, was reportedly stranded after running out of gas.
Police said as many as 50 rounds were fired inside and several more were fired outside.