Planned Parenthood

Amid the Amy Coney Barrett hearings, the hashtag #ThanksPlannedParenthood trended on Twitter Wednesday.
Anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson used her platform on night two of the Republican National Convention to perpetuate false narratives about abortion and endorse sexist voting practices.
The anti-abortion activist accused Planned Parenthood of racism and described abortion in graphic language.
Margaret Sanger fought for birth control access, but also supported the sterilization of women deemed unfit for society.
New data released by Planned Parenthood shows the real-world impact of halting abortions during a pandemic.
Federal judges on Monday temporarily blocked Alabama, Texas and Ohio from enforcing abortion bans in their states.
“A global pandemic is not an excuse to attack essential, time-sensitive medical procedures like abortion," said Alexis McGill Johnson, acting president of Planned Parenthood.
Why did so many pro-choice advocates support the former New York City mayor when he was working against their goals?
At an event honoring Martin Luther King Jr., Dan Forest of North Carolina peddled the dangerous myth about the group's abortion services.
It's the first time the organization's political action committee has backed someone running against the Republican senator since 2008.