Planned Parenthood

Dr. Leana Wen came under fire this week for saying abortion should be "safe, legal and rare" — a phrase that activists believe further stigmatizes the procedure.
The massive new health care center, located in southern Illinois, is equipped to serve an estimated 11,000 patients annually.
The campaign aims to raise awareness about abortion restrictions as it seeks to gather 500,000 online signatures to mark the 47th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.
The group has been under pressure to cut ties with the GOP senator, but she still remains a much-needed ally in the fight against the Title X abortion "gag rule."
After President Donald Trump's administration put restrictions on Title X money, Planned Parenthood decided to stop taking the funding.
Women seeking abortion in the state appear to face "an imminent threat to their constitutional rights," the judge said in her grant for an injunction.
Taxpayers are the “collateral damage” in Ohio’s repeated passage of controversial anti-abortion bills, said an ACLU official.
U.S. District Judge Kristine Baker granted a 14-day temporary restraining order blocking three new anti-abortion measures from taking effect.
The ACLU, Planned Parenthood and other groups asked a court to stop the law from taking effect in 2020 while their legal challenge continues.
The department had said last week that it would require immediate compliance, which led Planned Parenthood and other providers to say they would defy the order.
“I just learned that the [Planned Parenthood] Board ended my employment at a secret meeting,” Wen tweeted on Tuesday.
The Health and Human Services Department notified clinics it will begin enforcing a ban on abortion referrals and on federal funding for reproductive care.
The state’s Education and Health Departments would be banned from consulting healthcare facilities that provide abortions when designing the program.
The state’s Administrative Hearing Commission issued an order Friday finding the Department of Health and Senior Services’ argument “unpersuasive.”
Reproductive health care and rights organizations are not backing down in the face of nationwide abortion bans.
The Facebook executive's donation is directly motivated by "draconian" abortion laws passed by GOP legislators, including in Alabama, Georgia and Missouri.
The groups want to block the ban from going into effect on July 24 while a judge reviews the law's constitutionality.
A new state requirement of two pelvic exams before an abortion is "medically unnecessary" and "invasive," doctors say.
The new facility could be complete around November, which is the same time the new state law will take effect unless blocked by courts.
The cast of the Hulu series warns that state abortion crackdowns bring the U.S. "one step closer" to the dystopian world of the show.