As protesters yelled "fascists!" Sergey Andreev was hit with fake "blood."
Russia has opened a new front in its war over Ukraine, deciding to shut off gas to two European Union nations that staunchly back Kyiv.
A powerful tremor and methane gas discharge at a coal mine forced dozens to flee for safety.
The presidents of four countries on Russia’s doorstep are visiting Ukraine in a show of support for the embattled country.
More than 2.3 million of those refugees have arrived in Poland.
President Joe Biden visited Poland's capital on Saturday to speak with refugees who've been displaced amid Russia's attack on Ukraine.
Joe Biden sought to reassure Poland that the United States would defend the country against any attacks from Russia.
The two-day visit starting Friday follows a trio of emergency war summits in Brussels.
Amelia Anisovych, 7, wowed a massive crowd at a charity event in Poland, where she is now a war refugee.
President Joe Biden has no plans to visit Ukraine, according to the White House.