Police Brutality

“I don’t have a weapon on me,” said the man, who can be seen holding his hands up as officers force him to the ground.
Newly released footage shows a 6-year-old student getting arrested and put in a police car.
Davidtron Logan claims he was beaten with flashlights, choked and punched by a group of officers after being detained at a roadblock stop last year.
The teens feared for their lives after an officer pulled a gun on them at a park in Minneapolis in 2018.
Yolanda Carr died in the same Fort Worth home where police fatally shot her 28-year-old daughter last year.
Mass hysteria about the purported dangers of Black people restricted Black life in all sorts of ways over the last decade.
The sheriff in Sonoma County, California, said his deputy had been served a termination notice for the death of David Glen Ward.
Jazmine Headley sued the city after police officers yanked her toddler from her arms at a Brooklyn benefits office.
The anti-government protesters battled with police and blocked the nearby approach to a major road tunnel, which remains closed.
Body cam footage shows 19-year-old De’Von Bailey getting shot in the back as he ran from police. A grand jury said the officers were justified in killing him.
The protest follows disturbing videos showing police allegedly punching teens on a transit platform and storming a subway car with guns drawn.
Kirk Franklin's reflections on police violence were cut from Trinity Broadcasting Network's broadcast of his Dove Awards acceptance speech.
The families of Botham Jean and Atatiana Jefferson were drawn together by tragedies that have become all too familiar in the United States.
The New Mexico police officer accused the girl of assaulting a school administrator. "This proved not to be true,” his police chief later said.
When nowhere is safe, how can Black people survive?
He was the first candidate at this week's Democratic debate to bring up Atatiana Jefferson, a Black woman killed in her own home by a white police officer.
A white police officer fatally shot Atatiana Jefferson through a window of her home during a welfare check. Now, her family is seeking justice.
The former Dallas police officer was the latest in a string of officers convicted in cases that involved the murder of unarmed Black people.
Frank Nucera allegedly slammed a Black teen’s head on a door and regularly used racial slurs. His trial raises major questions about police oversight.
Benjamin Crump said Black victims of police violence shouldn't need to have stellar reputations in order to receive justice.