Police Brutality

"Mr. Floyd should be alive today," Vice President Kamala Harris said. "He should be with his family who continue to show courage, grace, and resilience."
It’s been 12 months since George Floyd was killed — and so much has changed in the past year.
A federal jury found Brett Palkowitsch guilty of kicking Frank Baker and letting a police dog attack him after Baker was mistaken for a robbery suspect.
Ellison led the successful prosecution of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer who murdered George Floyd last year.
North Carolina District Attorney Andrew Womble said that three officers involved in the killing of Brown “reasonably believed” that deadly force was justified.
Pride organizers urged law enforcement to “acknowledge their harm,” though one LGBTQ group said it was disheartened by the "shameful" decision.
Health Commissioner Thomas Farley was forced to resign after cremating victims' remains from the 1985 police attack instead of returning them to family.
Thomas Lane, J. Kueng and Tou Thao were scheduled to face trial in August on charges they aided and abetted both murder and manslaughter.
The ACLU, families of victims and hundreds of civic groups demanded the U.N. independently investigate police brutality against Black people in America.
A police union complained to the school district that the book "Ghost Boys" is anti-police “propaganda.”