Police Brutality

Caitlin Taylor is suing the Sylvania Township Police in Ohio after two officers allegedly pulled a gun on her and slammed her on the ground, causing injuries.
Two officers violated use of force policies when they struck Australian journalists while clearing protesters from a park near the White House, a report found.
Mekhi Franklin had a gun, but it’s not clear he was pointing it at police. The 17-year-old was critically injured by the shooting.
Sgt. Eric Huxley, who was suspended without pay from the police force following the 2021 incident, pleaded guilty in federal court to violating the man’s civil rights.
The family of Irvo Otieno, who was Black, has said he was brutally mistreated while he was experiencing a mental health crisis.
Lawyers say California will pay a $24 million civil rights settlement to the family of a man who died in police custody after screaming “I can’t breathe.”.
At least 42 people have been charged with domestic terrorism in connection to the Stop Cop City movement, and one person has been killed.
“We know now what we knew then,” attorneys for Nichols' family said after being briefed on the official results.
Myles Cosgrove fired 16 shots during the raid, delivering the bullet that killed the 26-year-old Black woman.
The family of Tyre Nichols has sued the city of Memphis and individual officers and emergency medical personnel involved in his case.