The California gubernatorial candidate told CNN she "couldn’t get excited about" Election Day, but Los Angeles County election records show she did vote.
Some robocalls are soliciting donations to get Donald Trump back on Twitter, Politico reports.
In a Saturday statement, the White House staffer admitted to using "abhorrent, disrespectful and unacceptable language."
TJ Ducklo reportedly told Tara Palmeri “I will destroy you," and made sexist remarks to stop her from reporting on his relationship with a political reporter.
After staff expressed outrage that the platform was given to a pundit known for his "bigoted and incendiary commentary," Politico's editor in chief declined to apologize.
Giuliani's slashing attack against Pennsylvania undermined months of strategic planning, sources told Politico.
The ad campaign reportedly touts the "new normal" even as the American COVID-19 death toll soars past 200,000.
“White supremacist extremists will remain the most persistent and lethal threat" through 2021, according to Homeland Security draft reports obtained by Politico.
The senator won in New Hampshire, but people on Twitter are hilariously having doubts after the portrait.
A Politico story suggested Biden would serve only one term if elected president. He says it's "just not true."