The president said there was "something going on" at the conservative news network.
Democrats are overwhelmingly in favor and even Republicans are close to evenly split in a new HuffPost/YouGov poll.
A progressive think tank’s results conflict with other major surveys — but its poll also asks a more accurate question.
The party's self-described liberals are growing in rank, but a new poll finds no evidence that people see the party as becoming more radical.
It's one of several attacks Trump has waged against the outlet and its polling, which has shown the former vice president ahead.
A growing majority of Republicans now agree the special counsel's investigation was fair, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.
A roughly equal share of his opponents disagree.
Joe Biden's electability edge has eroded as Democratic voters see new options for taking on Trump, a new HuffPost/YouGov poll shows.
Beware of reader polls or focus groups that tell you otherwise.
Just 11% of Americans said they'd heard a lot about E. Jean Carroll's allegation against him, a new poll finds.
Is support for impeachment at 27% or 50%? Depends on how you ask.
The law now blamed for mass incarceration is on few Democratic voters' radar, a new HuffPost/YouGov survey suggests.
Trump insisted the data, which put him behind Joe Biden in key states, came from “fake polls” and he's actually winning “very big.”
There are now 22 candidates vying for 20 spots in the Democratic debates that begin in June.
Here's what the former president's legacy might mean for 2020.
Views of the president are pretty much stable ... with one notable exception.
The results come amid the worst measles outbreak in the country in 25 years.
Republican critics of the president say the numbers spell big trouble for his reelection bid.
The president's approval sank to the lowest of his term in one survey. Still, most Americans don't favor impeachment.
The Trump-Russia investigation continues to spark lots of polarization and little consensus.