Elon Musk asked Twitter users whether he should step down as CEO, and to his apparent dismay, a majority called on him to leave.
The findings indicate that concerns about protecting democracy helped Democrats beat expectations in November’s elections.
The survey shows that regardless of political ideology, Americans agree misinformation is leaving a mark on the country.
The death of Roe v. Wade is "clouding" women's economic futures, warned the survey's chief data scientist.
A Democratic poll, exclusively obtained by HuffPost, shows the first numbers on the compromise between Senate Democrats Manchin and Schumer.
And 64% of those surveyed want to keep Roe v. Wade intact, a CBS News and YouGov survey found.
A new poll shows plenty of nuance in Americans’ feelings about abortion.
"I want you to know that we are going to be OK,” the president said, announcing measures to address high costs at the store and the pump.
The poll comes amid Republican-led efforts to ban books from school libraries across the country.