Polls are showing that President Donald Trump is losing to his Democratic rival, Joe Biden. But can we rely on the accuracy of surveys leading up to the election?
On the anniversary of his inauguration, most Americans disapprove of the president's performance.
Readers are far less likely to dismiss these results on partisan grounds.
Jemele Hill, the ESPN host of SportsCenter’s “The Six,” sparked controversy earlier this week when she called Donald Trump
Possible culprits: White House chaos, polling anomalies, the GOP's health care failure.
Over the next few years, GSS added questions about pornography and sexual activity with someone other than one’s spouse. NORC
Last Monday the White House issued its ‘revised’ refugee ban engineered to pass constitutional muster. This affords yet another
Perhaps in reaction to ongoing crisis stories, a larger number of Americans – 46 percent, up from 41 percent just after the
Donald Trump begins his term in office with the the lowest job rating for a new president since polls started tracking presidential
I must confess -- I love reality TV. It's like junk food for the brain. When life gets too heavy, you've had a rough day and you just want to tune out, reality TV provides the perfect escape. I was really looking forward to the new show from Donald Trump, but it's just awful.