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When 1% of its population was caught in the grips of a heroin epidemic, Portugal took the radical step to decriminalize drugs. It worked.
The shattering collision happened during a match in Portugal.
The photos speak for themselves, but we turned to experts to learn more.
“As you know, this is not America’s finest hour."
Soccer fans found the timing -- on the day Ronaldo's team faces rival Spain -- a little suspicious.
"I got a present from God," the gutsy surfer said at a World Surf League ceremony.
“This is the start of a big rush reform. Now a big effort is being done to switch the system from punishment to help.”
This creature may have inspired legends of sea serpents.
"A whole world of pain happened," says Brit Andrew Cotton.
When we were the presidents of our respective countries, Switzerland and Portugal, they were in the grip of serious heroin epidemics.
The blazes have killed over 100 people and raged across nearly 1.3 million acres.
French lawmakers are exploring how to impose fines on street harassers.
Authorities were battling more than 200 different blazes.