The number of infections and deaths tied to meat processing plants continues to grow each day.
The difference between free-range, cage-free, pasture-raised and organic, plus which kind is "one of the cruelest products ever offered in our food system.”
The National Chicken Council says speeding up processing won't hurt birds. Others disagree.
An Obama-era rule meant to help livestock farmers fight meat industry abuses could be on death row.
Korea exported a total 200 tons of samgyetang to China since June. It is considerably smaller than 500 tons that aT had originally
A government report says safety hazards are underreported in the meat and poultry industries.
So they hold it in, or wear diapers, Oxfam America says.
Imagine spending your whole life living in a small cage, packed on top of ten to twelve other cages filled with people, forced
Undercover investigations have succeeded in exposing vicious cruelty on factory farms—which is why Big Ag wants the investigations