Power Breakfast

HuffPost also asked Schumer about a recent New York Times article indicating that Senate leaders are planning to use a post
The Huffington Post spoke with him as part of its ongoing series of visits to the famed "Power Breakfast" at Manhattan's
"I thought it was the simplest," she said. "It communicated the idea in a very kind of smart but at the same time subtle
During this trip, we caught up with Cornel West, the famed civil rights activist and scholar, who shared his thoughts on
Hunter Stuart produced this video. Watch video of the interview above, including his answer about energy policy. The Huffington
The MSNBC host also briefly discussed his coverage of the Travyon Martin case. "I'm going to keep not only discussing it
The Huffington Post caught up on Thursday with former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour outside of New York's famed Loews Regency
Nevertheless, he thinks Santorum is "likely to win" Louisiana's March 24th primary. Barbour explained that despite Romney's
Watch the interview in the video above. The former governor also addressed Limbaugh's controversial remarks about law student