Presidential Debates

The 2020 Democratic candidate is expected to be discharged soon and will be at October's presidential debate, according to the senator's wife, Jane Sanders.
Joe Biden still leads in the polls, and last week's debate doesn't look like a game-changer. But new surveys offer other good news for Warren.
After Julian Castro questioned Joe Biden’s fitness for office, fellow 2020 democratic presidential candidates including Elizabeth Warren and Beto O’Rourke are standing up for the former Vice President.
The Democratic presidential candidate is defending his mandatory buyback plan after telling gun owners, "Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15."
The California senator was asked about her reaction to the entrepreneur's plan after she was heard laughing on the debate stage.
The former housing secretary questioned whether Biden was able to recall the facts of his health care plan during the third Democratic debate.
It's a huge issue for working parents and the candidates keep trying to bring it up.
A temporary truce holds among the top-tier trio of presidential candidates in Houston.
Four of the presidential candidates sponsored a bill to admit Bahamians fleeing hurricane destruction. But the issue was never raised at the debate in Houston.
Twitter weighed in on whether the presidential hopefuls cracked thigh-slappers or duds.
Former Housing Secretary Julián Castro chided the former vice president during the debate in Houston, an attack Booker said came from "legitimate concerns."
The former vice president ignored the issue of reparations and instead talked about teacher pay and how families raise kids.
The much-anticipated confrontation between leading 2020 candidates Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders never really came to fruition.
The Indiana mayor revealed that he came out after his deployment in Afghanistan: "I was not interested in not knowing what it was like to be in love any longer."
Fond remembrances of the "unity" that followed the terror attacks ignore an ugly history.
The former housing secretary did not hold back against former Vice President Joe Biden at the Democratic presidential debate in Houston.
The Univision journalist did not let candidates evade questions on their immigration record at Thursday's debate.
"I've actually never met anybody who likes their health insurance company," Elizabeth Warren says as Joe Biden vows stability for currently insured Americans.
"When you had the power, why didn't you try to effect change?" asked ABC News correspondent Linsey Davis.
During Thursday's presidential debate, the Texas Democrat said he would institute mandatory buybacks for guns "designed to kill people on a battlefield."