Presidential Debates

The two Democratic presidential contenders agreed on short-term measures to address the COVID-19 outbreak, but disagreed about plenty of other things.
It didn't come from the president -- it came from the two Democrats vying to replace him.
The confrontation between the two leading Democratic candidates felt more than a little surreal as fears continue to grow over the coronavirus pandemic.
Bernie Sanders, his top rival for the Democratic nomination, said he would choose a female running mate "in all likelihood."
The debate won't have an audience due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.
"We have a self-described great genius — self-described — and this great genius has told us that this coronavirus is going to end in two months,” said Bernie Sanders.
The candidates target Bernie Sanders but can’t keep their focus.
The Vermont senator drew most of the attacks onstage in Charleston. But it might be too late to stop his march to the nomination.
The senator from Massachusetts went after the former New York mayor during the Democratic presidential debate in Charleston, South Carolina.
Nondisclosure agreements were a hot topic in Wednesday night's presidential debate. They are everywhere else in America, too.
NBC's feisty debate in Las Vegas averaged more than 19.6 million television viewers and 13.5 million live streams, according to the network.
The Massachusetts senator isn't letting up on the former New York mayor, a latecomer to the Democratic primary.
"I wish everyone was as perfect as you, Pete," the senator responded after the former South Bend mayor extended an attack on her by breaking into Spanish.
The gloves came off at the Democratic primary debate in Vegas.
The former GOP mayor of New York City pitched rejoining the Paris Agreement and repeated a debunked claim that he's to thank for closing coal plants.
The former New York mayor has pitched himself as the candidate to beat Donald Trump. His rivals were determined to prove him wrong.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren came to the stage with a particular ferocity.