Presidential Primaries

Public attention, on the other hand, helps candidates get more votes in the early states. If we look at the No Polling columns
Latest results from Washington D.C. presidential primary.
While violence and discord fuel our political media cycle, more Americans are living together in cities like Artesia than living in homogeneous, isolated communities.
Now that Ted Cruz and John Kasich have dropped out of the race and Donald Trump is the "presumptive nominee," it's likely we'll see the GOP Establishment pretend to be rallying behind Trump while in reality helping him very little.
Most of the politicos who were paying attention to the P.U.M.A. movement of 2008 had then dismissed us as merely being sore-loser, tantrum-throwing Hillary supporters -- scorned voters seeking revenge by not voting for Barack Obama in the general election.
So Cal's lack of representation in state and national politics contradicts the region's rich history in politics. Better representation in national politics is essential in order for Southern California to exert influence on the issues that are most important to the region.
The presidential primary season presents a lot of important angles for understanding electoral rules, particularly involving the impact of using a plurality voting system instead of ranked choice voting and using winner-take-all delegate rules instead of proportional representation ones.
Here in Florida, we passed a constitutional amendment 14 years ago to offer free, voluntary pre-k programs to every 4-year-old in the state. This initiative has never been fully funded. In fact, our state is ranked as amongst the worst in the nation for per-pupil funding for pre-k.
The finale of "Downton Abbey", the bonanza of a television series for many of us all over the world, was so striking in its point of view.
This resonant biblical passage comes from this week's Torah portion, Ki Tissa. After the Golden Calf, Moses climbed Sinai again; wanting to see God's face, he can only apprehend God's "backside," God's "goodness" -- revealed through thirteen attributes (middot).
First up on the Republican side are the establishment candidates: Boy Wonder, doing well in the polls, gets a bye before