Presidents Day

Trump fails in every way to meet the standards set by his predecessors.
The retailer has winter essentials up to 40 percent off right now.
On President's Day, a look at how America's selection of presidents is more predictable than we may believe.
This Presidents’ Day weekend, we’re offering up a challenge to fellow parents of young children.
On President's Day we salute our nation's leaders. One man, in particular, gives us the motivation to conquer each day. Abraham
As this press event for the Gravity Falls finale was drawing to a close, Alex took a moment to directly address the adults and kids who were so quick to embrace this animated series after it initially debuted on the Disney Channel back in June of 2012.
Adding a woman to this list has been a long time coming; women having been running for the highest executive office for almost 150 years. For as long as they've been running, their ability to serve as commander-in-chief has been questioned. Often the scrutiny comes in the form of gender-based put downs and attacks.
Written in the form of a powerful letter to his son, Ta-Nehisi Coates reflects on a series of revelatory experiences that helped him to understand America's racial history, its current inequalities, and his visions for the future.
Our democratic system is laudable, and can be transformative for those of us who participate fully in it. We don't need to give up our system of allowing individuals to run for office and share their vision for the United States.
Though Lincoln's time in office was tragically cut short, his accomplishments are no less impressive. The 16th president