Primary Election

Carr, a Republican, knocked off John Gordon, a Trump-backed attorney who peddled conspiracies about voter fraud and stolen elections in 2020.
A far-right election denier, backed by Donald Trump, won the Republican nomination for Pennsylvania governor.
This election season will be a test for former President Donald Trump as several candidates he has endorsed on the ballot are in tight races.
Carey’s win shows that former President Donald Trump still has an influential role in Republican primaries.
Progressives applauded the decision, but some say the DCCC still has to prove its commitment to fair contracting.
The tightening legal noose on local activists comes as Chinese officials prepare to unveil electoral reforms that will likely further diminish the role and influence of opposition forces in public office,
Almost every state has held a mid-pandemic primary that could show them how to fix mail-in voting before the November election.
GOP primary ads focus on loyalty to the president above all else.
A House committee controlled by Republicans approved the bill on Wednesday.
Expanded mail balloting generated massive turnout for Tuesday’s primaries. But a lack of in-person voting locations still left some Kentuckians out in the cold.