Primary Election

But Justice Democrats, a left-wing group, says it’s ready for the onslaught.
The president of EMILY’s List will be the first openly lesbian Black woman to serve in Congress.
Americans for Prosperity Action is targeting the former president in key Super Tuesday states.
It could mean a more diverse electorate — and, for candidates, learning to eat a different kind of hot dog.
Members of a key party committee voted to adopt President Joe Biden's preferred changes to the nominating schedule.
Jody Greene abused his power in Columbus County. And the Republicans around him supported it.
New Hampshire and Rhode Island provide the final primaries of 2022.
In Oklahoma, New York and Florida, Democrats and Republicans are fighting for the future direction of their parties.
One thing that will happen is that a "lot of the Trump candidates who won the primary will lose the general election," said former Conn. Democratic lawmaker.
Maye Quade won the Democratic primary for her state Senate race in Minnesota.