Primary Election

Almost every state has held a mid-pandemic primary that could show them how to fix mail-in voting before the November election.
GOP primary ads focus on loyalty to the president above all else.
A House committee controlled by Republicans approved the bill on Wednesday.
Expanded mail balloting generated massive turnout for Tuesday’s primaries. But a lack of in-person voting locations still left some Kentuckians out in the cold.
The Bronx middle school principal has a strong early lead to unseat longtime Rep. Eliot Engel even though ballots are still being counted.
Tuesday’s chaos would be catastrophic if it recurs in November.
Major obstacles, including long lines and defective voting machines, prompted concerns of voter suppression in Georgia.
Many voters had to wait hours to cast ballots in the state's primary on Tuesday at polling places where there were also reports of defective machines.
The coronavirus electoral pause ends Tuesday with major races in Iowa, New Mexico and Maryland.
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is raking in endorsements leading into the 2020 election. But are they worth anything to voters?