Citing safety concerns, prison officials are keeping the former police officer in a restricted housing unit in Minnesota's only maximum security prison.
People living in congregate settings like prisons and jails are at particularly high risk of getting the coronavirus.
The governor's vaccine distribution plan excludes most incarcerated people even though they are uniquely vulnerable to the coronavirus.
The state will release more prisoners than previously planned as part of a legal settlement with the NAACP over prison conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Authorities said that two groups were trying to gain “criminal leadership within the detention centers” and 800 police officers have been helping to regain control.
The ex-president's former fixer responded to the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling allowing the release of Trump's tax records to New York investigators.
The toilets in one Harris County jail were filled to the brim with feces and urine because the facility had no running water, according to people incarcerated there.
As the state moves to an age-based rollout for the COVID-19 vaccine, advocates worry that people who are unhoused or incarcerated will be left behind.
An inspector general report slammed corrections officials for a “public health disaster” in which over 2,000 incarcerated people got the coronavirus.
Prisons have what white supremacists like, explains Cecily Strong's character: "other white supremacists, drama and chicken fingers."