Three Fairfield County Sheriff's Office employees “staged matches" with county jail inmates in June, the sheriff said.
The two reportedly exchanged nearly 1,000 calls between them before the Alabama corrections officer broke the inmate out.
Incarcerated residents at Everglades Correctional Institution wrote, directed, acted and produced the movie as part of a degree program at Miami Dade College.
"I have witnessed prisoners and guards get beaten until their eyes could not open, for nothing more than calling someone a 'punk.'"
Griner was sentenced to nine years in Russian prison for allegedly carrying cannabis in vape containers while at a Moscow airport in February.
A booth at CPAC featured a silent disco headset that played testimony from those arrested during the events of Jan. 6 but instead of dancing, participants just watched a man cry.
Mike Pence’s former chief of staff flamed Rep. Matt Gaetz, predicting that he’ll “likely” be in jail in 2024.
It doesn’t just ignore them; it disrespects the sports they play and claims they aren’t as skilled as their male counterparts.
Katelyn McClure admitted her role in a scam that raised $400,000 using a fake story about a homeless man.
As COVID-19 spreads throughout ICE facilities nationwide, the public health crisis of the coronavirus has compromised the U.S. immigration detention system endangering medically vulnerable detained individuals and staff.